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It's The Donald!

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bluey1233 @ 06:40 pm: The Candidates!
From the Mosaic team:

Andy, 23 Boca Raton, Fl Recent Harvard Graduate
Chris, 30 Long Island, Ny StockBroker
John, 24 San Fransico, Ca Marketing Director
Kelly, 37 Carlsbad, Ca Software Executive
Kevin, 29 Chicago, Il Law Student
Pamela, 32 San Fransico, Ca Investment Firm Partner
Raj, 28 Vail, Co/Philadelphia, Pa Real Estate Developer
Rob, 32 Frisco, Tx Corperate Branding Salesman
Wes, 28 Atlanta, Ga Private Wealth Manager

From the Apex team:
Bradford, 33 Fort Lauderdale, Fl Attorney
Elizabeth, 31 Marina Del Rey, Ca Consulting Firm Owner
Ivana, 28 Boston, Ma Venture Capitalist
Jennifer C., 31 New York, Ny Real Estate Agent
Jennifer M., 30 San Fransico, Ca Attorney
Maria, 31 Virginia Beach, Va Marketing Executive
Sandy, 28 Rockville, Md Bridal Salon Owner
Stacey J., 35 New York, Ny Restrauteur
Stacey R., 26 New York, Ny Attorney

There you have it!

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