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It's The Donald!

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September 19th, 2004

pygmymetal @ 09:36 am: Thoughts....
Saw the extended version of Thursday's show last night and had some thoughts.

1. It's too soon for me to pick anyone as a clear favorite.
2. Bradford was an idiot. Cocky stupid idiot. :p
3. Ivana - good lord, indecisive much? She's not long for the show unless she finds her spine.
4. Raj cracks me up - a tie for everyone! He's fun to watch.
5. Stacey J. - she annoys me
6. The rest of them all blend together and I can't tell the blonde women apart!

I am enjoying this season. :)

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

September 11th, 2004

bluey1233 @ 06:40 pm: The Candidates!
From the Mosaic team:

Andy, 23 Boca Raton, Fl Recent Harvard Graduate
Chris, 30 Long Island, Ny StockBroker
John, 24 San Fransico, Ca Marketing Director
Kelly, 37 Carlsbad, Ca Software Executive
Kevin, 29 Chicago, Il Law Student
Pamela, 32 San Fransico, Ca Investment Firm Partner
Raj, 28 Vail, Co/Philadelphia, Pa Real Estate Developer
Rob, 32 Frisco, Tx Corperate Branding Salesman
Wes, 28 Atlanta, Ga Private Wealth Manager

From the Apex team:
Bradford, 33 Fort Lauderdale, Fl Attorney
Elizabeth, 31 Marina Del Rey, Ca Consulting Firm Owner
Ivana, 28 Boston, Ma Venture Capitalist
Jennifer C., 31 New York, Ny Real Estate Agent
Jennifer M., 30 San Fransico, Ca Attorney
Maria, 31 Virginia Beach, Va Marketing Executive
Sandy, 28 Rockville, Md Bridal Salon Owner
Stacey J., 35 New York, Ny Restrauteur
Stacey R., 26 New York, Ny Attorney

There you have it!

bluey1233 @ 06:11 pm: ok well, since the first episode happened, and the twist is that they switched one gender to the other team...all i have to say is that i hope that girl gets kicked out on the guys team

August 24th, 2004

bluey1233 @ 10:50 am: the contestants!
On Sept. 9th there will be 18 new people from an MBA college degree to no college degree at all. i will put up the contestants later...

bluey1233 @ 10:46 am: Hello
welcome to the apprentice 2...come a join and discuss whatever you want!

Current Mood: creative
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