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It's The Donald!

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pygmymetal @ 09:36 am: Thoughts....
Saw the extended version of Thursday's show last night and had some thoughts.

1. It's too soon for me to pick anyone as a clear favorite.
2. Bradford was an idiot. Cocky stupid idiot. :p
3. Ivana - good lord, indecisive much? She's not long for the show unless she finds her spine.
4. Raj cracks me up - a tie for everyone! He's fun to watch.
5. Stacey J. - she annoys me
6. The rest of them all blend together and I can't tell the blonde women apart!

I am enjoying this season. :)

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Date:September 29th, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC)

The Apprentice

I loved maria's look. Her pixie-hair fit perfectly with her face, clothes were cool and her SHOES ROCKED...(the ones with the little ankle strap)...and then she had to go and OPEN HER STUPID MOUTH. Jennifer said it best when stating, "Maria is a good talker... placing the blame elsewhere." Maria sucks.
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